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Enjoy UTV Power Steering Supremacy with EZ-Steer Power Steering Kit

One of the most important upgrade you can make to your side by side vehicle is going for power steering. While some riders might argue on the importance of power steering in a UTV and that they are better without it - are actually those who never got a chance to experience what it is to ride an UTV with electric steering assistance.

Need for Power Steering

The more treacherous the terrains you're riding on, the more you appreciate the power steering feature in your UTV. The importance of this most-demanded feature shows up especially when those rutted or rocky dirt road rides extend into an all-day ride. The last thing you would expect from your off-road vehicle is a tough steer on demanding terrains. It often results in arm and body fatigue, which degrades the overall recreational trail riding experience.

The uniqueness of the UTV ride experience lies in the demanding grounds the riders traverse. You don't want to change that. And here comes the need of an electronic power steering. This revolutionary system provides the driver a lighter steering effort and more control of the machine resulting into a rich UTV ride experience. If you are a big-game hunter carrying a heavy load, power steering again plays a major role in keeping up with the physical stress and strain of controlling your machine at the end of the day.

Power steering comes at a premium cost. Some people would argue over if the upgrade is worth the extra money while some claim how it murders the simplicity of the ride with the addition of extra bulk to an already bulky machine. While it all stands true to a certain extent, the trade-off seems to be well worth it, as per the experts.

Why EZ Steer Design?

An EZ-Steer assisted steering system is designed to radically reduce steering effort, especially at low speeds, when traversing rough terrains. Even as you increase the speed, it supports enhanced handling. The EZ-Steer design of the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system helps to reduce steering kickback on bumpy, unreliable terrains and reduces driver fatigue allowing for a smooth and consistent ride.

EZ-Steer Power Steering Kit

Featuring the latest in power steering technology, the EZ-Steer power steering kit comes with 100% watertight control box as well as sealed input and output shafts. The shafts are rigorously tested to meet the industry dust and water protection standards, which ensure no damage from water when you are using or washing your off-road vehicle. The compact control box enables easier mounting and installation. The EZ-Steer design is intended to keep the ride in control with improved overall handling and drivability no matter on how rocky and bumpy terrains you choose to traverse.

The EZ Steer power steering kits are offered by almost all major UTV manufacturers - Pro Armor, Super ATV, EMP, and many more. Each EPS kit is designed to fit certain UTV models. At UTV King, we strive to deliver the best for your off-road machine. Our UTV power steering systems works as a steering dampener that absorbs all hard impacts that would otherwise require a firm grip with both hands or capable of injuring the driver's hands or wrist with a pitiless kickback.

True UTV enthusiasts can never overlook the significance of a power steering kit with EZ-Steer in a UTV ride, and would consider it as something totally worthy to pay extra for!



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