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Pro Armor Suicide Doors: Protection You Always Desired

Doors serve a number of useful purposes in your off road vehicle. They don't just make your rig look more stylish but also are essential for providing the much-needed protection to passengers. There are literally hundreds of side by side doors available in the market. However, Pro Armor Suicide Doors have always been in great demand for their unique design and performance.

Why do you need Doors?

By getting your machine equipped with the doors, you can ensure optimum comfort and protection for the people sitting inside the cab area. When you take sharp turns on the extreme trails, doors act as a barrier and prevent you and your passengers from accidentally falling outside. Similarly, when you are climbing up the steep hills or rocky mountains in your UTV, there is every chance that a sudden bump might throw a luggage out from the sides, if you are riding without any doors.

With doors you can keep the interiors of your side by side cleaner, as they help to keep the stuff like mud and water out, especially when you are ripping through the muddy trails. By providing an effective barrier against prying eyes, doors also help you secure a certain level of privacy inside the passenger compartment.

Choose Pro Armor Suicide Doors for Unbeatable Strength and Style
The ever-popular suicide style doors from Pro Armor are not only about matching the aggressive lines of your machine. It is the convenience of use and some superb features associated with these doors that make them a big hit with the UTV owners worldwide.

Suicide style opening makes it very easy for the passengers to get in and out of the off road vehicle quickly. Heavy-duty aluminum construction of these doors makes them rugged enough to withstand the elements for years down the line. Unlike, other feeble doors, you can expect the Pro Armor doors to stay unaffected from the impact of even the heavy rocks, branches and other typical off road debris.

Multi-point mounting system of the suicide doors ensures that the doors stay secure to their place despite all the high voltage action on the hard tracks. Automotive-grade slam latch system facilitates convenient door opening and closing operations for users of all ages. A simple bolt-on design makes the installation a breeze, as it does not require any drilling or cutting to be done in the plastic body of your rig. Powder coated black finish protects the doors from scratches and cracks for a significantly long time and brings a customized look too. Equipped with a positive spring loaded latch, they make sure that you do not get to hear any rattling sound while operating the doors. Mind you, that despite being loaded with these utility-filled features, the Pro Armor Suicide Doors are amazingly lightweight and will not push the performance of your machine down.

Doors for Every Riding Style

Whether you are in to competitive racing, or use your UTV for carrying out work in a farm or at a construction site, or you simply want to flaunt a new look, the Pro Armor Suicide Doors have got the right option available for you. At UTV King, you will find the UTV doors with cutouts or without cutouts, suicide doors with metal skins, doors with interchangeable net systems, and a lot more. These variants available here offer a factory-fitted look with your off road vehicle and get delivered to you with all the necessary mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions.

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