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Five UTV Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Ride in Great Shape

Your side by side works as hard as you do. Whether you use it at farm or at your construction site, for off-road transportation of goods or passengers, your machine always tries to give its best. Work or play, if you want your off road vehicle to perform up to its full potential, you got to follow some regular maintenance tips. The below mentioned tips will help you provide TLC to your rig and keep it in a great shape during all the weathers.

1. Take Good Care of the Engine

Engine is the heart of your UTV. It supplies your machine with all the power needed to finish the assigned tasks. You can keep the engine in good health by using ethanol-free fuel. Doing this ensures that the engine and other important components do not get clogged by carbon and other residues. Another crucial step is to use a premium grade engine oil. Don't settle for an inferior quality engine oil, as it will do more harm than any good to your side by side's engine. Also, you should check the level of engine oil periodically. Choice of the right engine oil would depend upon the temperatures under which your ride operates.

2. Don't Ignore the Coolant

Just like cars and other vehicles, your off road vehicle too needs to have the right coolant level all the time, to keep its cool. The trick is to regularly check the amount of coolant left, either before or after each long ride down the remote trails, so that you do not find yourself stranded in the middle of your journey. A regular inspection around the radiator will also reveal any leakages caused by worn-out seals or gaskets.

3. Keep a Check on Filters

One of the most common mistakes that UTV owners do is to overlook the condition of air and oil filters. Given the dusty nature of trails that your rig has to deal with regularly, it does not come as a surprise if you frequently find the air filter completely choked. Similarly, over the time, oil filter too gets clogged with the dirt, metal particles and other contaminants present in the oil. Timely replacement of these filters will ensure that your machine's engine and other expensive parts stay in top shape. Although air filters can be cleaned in some cases, but the oil filters only need to be replaced with a new one.

4. Get the Right Tires for the Right Tracks

Presence or absence of the right side by side parts and accessories can either make or break your ride. Tires are one such important parts, which should be chosen wisely according to the type of tracks that your rig runs on. For instance, if you need to rip through deep, mud-filled trails frequently, you should look for some big tires with a tread pattern that can ensure a strong grip in the slippery conditions. Similarly, during freezing winters, you will need to equip your UTV with snow tracks, in order to avoid getting stuck in the snow. Maintaining the correct tire pressure will also go a long way in prolonging the life of tires and your machine too.

5. Step up the Protection with Protective Gear

Cruising down the rock-filled trails without any protection on the sides and underbelly will soon leave your favorite toy bruised and damaged badly. By getting your side by side fitted with the stuff like nerf bars, rock sliders and skid kits, you can save the wastage of your time, money and effort on costly repairs.

UTV King understands how much you love your ride. We have the widest range of side by side parts and accessories that is available online anywhere. Explore our website to know about more ways in which you can take the best care of your UTV.

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