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How to Upgrade a John Deere Gator RSX850i for More Reliability and Performance

John Deere Gator holds a special place in the hearts of UTV riders across the globe. Popularly called as "Gator," this powerful machine is widely known by its signature yellow and green color scheme. Old, young, and children all like this side by side for its cool looks and hot performance over any type of track. Over the years, John Deere has launched different series of Gator Utility Vehicles, which include the Gator RSX series, Gator XUV Crossover series, Gator Traditional vehicles and Gator Military vehicles.

The RSX series from Gator includes some high-performance Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs), namely the RSX850i, RSX850i Sport, RSX850i Trail and RSX860i. Gator RSX850i from John Deere is industry's first UTV with a motorcycle engine. This High-Performance Utility Vehicle features a top speed of 53 mph. It has got independent suspension for all the four wheels. Automotive-grade four-wheel hydraulic disk brakes keep this monster under perfect control. Here, we are going to talk about how can you upgrade this rugged off road vehicle to make it even more bad ass.

John Deere Gator RSX850i Drivetrain - Steering - Wheel Spacers

No matter how good a thing is, there is always some scope for improvement. With the advanced drivetrains, wheel spacers and steering kits, you can improve the power and stability of your RSX850i and provide yourself with a better control over its wheels.

By getting your rig installed with a quality drivetrain, you can equip its wheels with the extra power required to climb up the steeper hills. Wheel spacers widen the existing wheel base of your machine to assist you while cornering it over sharp turns on the extreme trails, at a good speed. With the stuff like the Super ATV EZ Steer Power Steering Kit for your John Deere Gator, as you will experience exceptionally smooth handling, you will literally forget what steering jerks are.

John Deere Gator RSX850i Lift Kits and Suspension

High lift kits help you increase your side by side's ground clearance level, so that you can cleanly clear over the big rocks and fallen tree branches on the tracks. For instance, with the Super ATV 2 Inch Lift Kit for your Gator RSX 850i, you can raise its overall ride height by additional 2 inches above the ground. These lift kits will also provide you with the much-needed extra room for installation of bigger tires and wheels in your rig, so that you can take its looks and performance to an all new level of aggression.

For making the suspension system of your off road vehicle more reliable and robust, you can count on the accessories like Rhino Brand Axles, front and rear high clearance A-Arms, A-Arm guards and more.

John Deere Gator RSX850i Tires and Wheels

Your choice for tires will depend upon the types of trails you frequently visit. Although all terrain tires are available too in the market, but it is always advisable to stock a pair of ride-specific tires with you, so that you can be ready to take on the intense challenges whenever the need arises. Tread pattern and size of the tires go a long way in deciding upon the quality of your ride and its ability to rise up to the occasion. Wheels give all the needed support to the tires and also add style to your Gator.

Consider, for example, the Pro Armor Dagger 14" Tire, if you often have to go through deep muddy trails in your John Deere Gator RSX850i. If you are looking for a tire that can help you to deal with hard rocks and sand with equal ease then you can opt for the offerings like Pro Armor Crawler Tire.

No one understands your riding requirements the way we do. Trust us, at UTV King, to make your John Deere Gator RSX850i side by side a machine of your dreams, without costing you a fortune.

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