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How to Choose the Right Winch for Your UTV?

You like your side by side for its capability to ride over the typical hurdles present on many off road tracks. However, no matter how strong your off road vehicle is, at times situations may arise when you would find yourself stuck in a helpless situation, waiting to be rescued. At such a juncture, you would find a UTV winch to be of great use.

The Need

Rolling down the extreme trails filled with mud and sand, it is not uncommon for one to find the wheels of his rig caught in a big pothole all of a sudden. You will find yourself pulled out of such a tight spot very easy, if you have the right UTV winch mounted in the front or rear of your machine. With a winch mount system in your vehicle, you will also often find yourself bailing your best buddies out of trouble on the isolated trails, where help is difficult to be found.

Whether at work or play, winches let you make the most of your ride. At your job site or construction site, they will help you to pull away heavy wooden logs and other such stuff by utilizing the engine power of your UTV. Similarly, you can use the UTV winch systems to uproot the stubborn tree stumps from your farm, or to drag out the bushes from your garden, or even to clear your backyard of all that junk.

Choosing the Right UTV Winch

But, before you get this useful side by side accessory installed in your rig, you should know which winch is right for you. Your choice for the right UTV Winch will largely depend upon the following factors:

Engine Displacement Capacity of your Machine

The very purpose of installing a winch will get defeated, if at the end of the day it is unable to pull away the weight of your favorite toy. Therefore, before making a selection you should be aware of your UTV's engine displacement capacity. The breakdown here goes as:

Quads under 300cc:

A small 1,500-pound capacity winch will suffice here.

UTVs with 300cc or larger capacity:

Here, the ideal choice will be a winch with minimum pull ratings of 2,500-pound and higher capacity.

Largest UTVs:

For the biggest ATVs like the Polaris RZR, you are going to need a winch with 3,000-pound capacity pull rating or higher than that.

Side by side vehicles:

UTVs weigh more than the ATVs and Quads. If you own a side by side UTV, then you should opt for a robust UTV winch with minimum 4,000-pound or even higher pull rating capacity.

Type of Pulling Rope

UTV winches come with two types of winch cable ropes – wire ropes and synthetic ropes. A wire rope is very heavy as it comes made from small strands of steel wires wound together and is more resistant to abrasion and heat. Therefore, a wire rope is perfect for you if you are a frequent user of the winch for carrying out heavy work at your farm or work site. However, if you use your off road vehicle mostly for racing or recreational purposes, then you would not not want to add much weight to it, as doing so will take the speed and performance of your machine down. Here, the ideal choice would be the lightweight synthetic rope made from synthetic fibers.

Your Riding Needs and Your Budget

These two factors will influence your choice for a UTV winch to a great extent. For instance, you can settle for a lesser pull rating capacity winch, if you just need to use it for operating a snow plow system for clearing away the snow or mud. However, if you have to frequently tackle heavy debris, or if you are in to a towing away business, then you got to have a UTV winch with minimum 4000-4500 lbs. pull capacity.

A branded winch is costlier than a non-branded one. So, you will have to make a choice depending upon your financial constraints. Also, you can save a lot of money by opting for options that come with a winch mounting plate and receiver hitch.

UTV King has got the biggest online collection of UTV winches for almost all the models and makes of side by sides. By dealing with them, you can also save big with exciting offers.

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