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Are you protecting your side by side the right way?

Taking your UTV to rough terrains is what it deserves and is made for. It's structured in a way in which it can be put through major harsh conditions. If you think a UTV would have a skid plate included to protect its underbelly, since they are built for tough jobs – you would be totally wrong. In fact, it's an add-on custom-made plate which needs to be permanently attached to the underbelly of UTV to minimize the damage, in case of ground contact on tough trails.

Which Skid Plates Are Better?

The ultra-high molecular weight polymer is known for its superior resistance to gouging from rocks and logs and its superior fracture resistance. The 3/8-inch UHMWP is the most durable skid plate available with CAD cutting for optimal fitting. Once the bolt-head mountings are recessed, you will enjoy one solid piece to maximize UTV's durability.

What UTV (and You) Deserve?

If you plan on getting out with friends and cruising those debris packed trails you would definitely want to keep your Side by Side safe from unforeseen objects puncturing the floor of your rig. With a non-customized skid plate, you'll probably end up having expensive and unwanted damage. That's where aftermarket accessories such as skid plates or guards are a great option for your machine.

1. It protects against severe damage Unless you are a UTV freak and keeping the UTV at pace is your passion, you have no idea how much damage has occurred to its underbelly. Most UTV owners don't find out the damage until it gets too serious.
2. Extend the life of UTV UTV is not a small purchase. You have spent thousands of dollars to buy this beast. So, protect it with proper skid plates. Otherwise there's no fun in trusting and hoping that the terrain will be plain and flat. In other words, if you are an off-road rider and you want to maximize the amount of time you want to be on the trail, skid plate is what you want to worry about as it facilitates tough rides making priceless memories.
3. More cost effective than you think Paying for its labor is cheaper than you think and doesn’t hurt your pocket when it comes to servicing its parts.

As you protect your home and car and it guaranties to return your favor. Then why not give tender, love and care to your UTV when it does so much for you?

We, at UTV King, love to ride and hit the trails. However, sometimes the terrain wants to hit us hard, and that's why we offer a full range of underbelly skid plates and guards for a variety of machines like Polaris RZR, Polaris Ranger and Can Am Maverick. We offer FREE SHIPPING, awesome pricing and even better service. Explore us more to get better deals on all side parts and accessories.

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