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Top 5 Must-Have UTV Accessories to Customize Your Side by Side

You have splashed out thousands of dollars to buy your favorite side by side machine ensuring years of enjoyment. But driving a factory-issued UTV will keep you away from the real fun and excitement of roaring down the dirt streets, splashing through a muddy puddle, or undertaking a thrilling ride through challenging twists and turns. Your UTV needs to be outfitted with certain accessories to transform it into something uniquely suited for you, and your off-road adventure even more enjoyable.

Here, we have come up with five accessories out of the lot that will serve to add a bit more safety, a little more stability, and noticeably more comfort to your riding experience.

LED Lights

The fun of riding your UTV should no way end as the sun is going down or already down. LED lights are a great way to enjoy performance riding after dark or in inclement weather conditions. Intended to be seen from long distances, trail visibility and passenger safety are no more a reason to worry when using LED lights. You can equip your ride with a few high-illumination LED cube lights or bar, which would help you clearly see all the obstacles in your path while adding some pizazz to the looks.


Cruising down the trail, feeling the wind could be a liberating experience, but certainly not when the weather is harsh and your off-road track is chockfull with excessive dust. Things worsen as bugs, flies, or mosquitoes take shots to face. Windshields are a definite essential as you ride through woody regions in the summertime. Keep the wind and dust at bay by opting for a half windshield that would give you the necessary protection from the elements without completely cutting you off from the feel of outdoors.

Ski and Track System

Equipping your side by side with the right accessories can make it a perfect for hitting the snow filled grounds during winter. Enjoy your off-road vehicle all year long by installing a good ski and track system with tank-like treads to keep that snow from holding you back or slow you down. Some track systems can also do heavy-lifting and serve as the best choice for traversing through muddy, rocky, or snowy tracks. Why wait for winter to get over?


Based on what sort of riding you do and kind of terrains you typically ride on, you can choose the type of side by side tires you should be looking for. The UTV industry offers excellent options built specifically to meet a variety of needs. Some are built narrow enough to work superbly along any 50-inch trail, while the wider ones are well-designed for high-speed fun in the desert. The tires available are as varied as the machine themselves.


Winches are the savior! They offer raw power, security, and control to get you out of the stickiest situations. A general rule of wisdom in the industry says it is a good idea to choose a winch in the 4000 lb. range to have the pulling power you need for your UTV, especially if it is going on a bigger UTV. Another important thing to consider is a good strong winch cable.

UTV King has emerged as the trusted source of industry leading UTV parts and accessories for all major brands of UTVs. With us, every UTV enthusiast gets an opportunity to create their own UTV like no one else. If you ever choose to modify or accessorize your side by side for work, recreation or both, we take pride in offering the highest grade tools and accessories that will certainly add style and convenience to your UTV.

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