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Step Up Your UTV Performance with Pro Armor Crawler Tire

It is always important to equip your ride with right UTV gears and accessories. One of the most common and popular upgrades UTV enthusiasts look for are in the form of UTV wheels and tires. They can greatly enhance both the looks and performance of your machine. However, making the right choice of tires and wheels tend to give some riders a headache. It is because, generally, like any other wheeled vehicle, UTV tires come with different tire options, each with a different intended use.

The correct tire choice can dramatically affect your ride satisfaction, performance, durability, and handling characteristics. Also, when selecting UTV tires, other performance variables like vehicle speed, weight, side wall strength, wheel type, weight, size, rolling resistance, and most importantly the terrain type should also be considered.

Pro Armor, one of the most well-known names in the UTV industry, has introduced the Pro Armor Crawler tire. This tire was specifically designed with an optimal fusion of balance, performance, and traction to make a remarkable presence in the industry.

What is the Pro Armor Crawler?

The Pro Armor Crawler is a high-performance all-terrain tire that ensures a quality ride on hard surfaces. Hitting the industry with triple side wall protection and anti-puncture superiority, the Crawler tire offered by Pro Armor is a truly versatile tire to perform on all terrains with absolute ease. Strong, durable, and stylish, this Pro Armor Crawler is sure to set your ride a step above the ordinary.

8-Ply Rated Armor Belt

Crawler is designed using tough 8-ply rated armor belt construction that allows these tires to move through the toughest trails with full confidence. Whether used in rock crawling or other extremely rocky terrains, this great all-round tire is simply the best! Higher the ply rating, higher load the tire is designed to carry at its industry specified pressure. The 8-ply rating armor belt indicates the tire's strength and heavy-duty construction.

3-Ply Armor Belt Sidewall

The amazing Pro Armor Crawler boasts a 3-ply armor belt sidewall, the best in the industry. The aggressive sidewall is very well protected, and provides superior lateral stability. In addition to the tread on the sidewalls, there are two belts that run the entire side wall.

Aggressive Tread Pattern

Built for high speed aggressive driving, the aggressive tread pattern of the Pro Armor Crawler makes it long lasting and tough. It aids you to perform in deep mud, sand, jagged rocks, or any other extreme terrains. The tread design is pretty aggressive and provides your side by side with unparalleled grip and traction, even when riding over sharp turns. This also makes it one of the best grip tires on the market.

Tested on all types of terrains, the Pro Armor Crawler comes out as a true champion. This lightweight, impressively puncture-resistant UTV tire makes your ride much smoother on bumpy tracks and relatively less loud.

UTV King delights you with a wide range of best-quality UTV accessories procured from the finest UTV brands on the market today. In order to deliver maximum protection and style at an affordable price, UTV King offers a great selection of wheels and tires to tackle off-road obstacles smoothly in all types of terrains. Make a right match for your UTV – whether you own an Arctic Cat Wildcat or Massimo MSU – to get the best results out of your investment.

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