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Tips on Selecting the Right Tire for Your Ride

With the evident increase in popularity of UTVs around the world, these versatile machine have emerged as progressively important tools for work and recreation alike. To get the most out of your machine in varied applications, it is prerequisite to equip your UTV with the tight tires. Right tire, or a set of tires, can greatly enhance your side by side's performance and riding fun, but a wrong choice, on the other hand, can totally damage your UTV. While it could be a tough choice to select the right UTV tire for any novice tire purchaser, we are going to discuss to discuss a few important aspects of tire selection with some useful tips.

Tire Size

Size matters! And this can't be truer for tire buying. Have you ever noticed the numbers molded into the tire from the factory? Yes, that indicates the size. For example: 25×8-12. These numbers represent the height, width, and diameter of the rim of the tire it can be mounted on. You must know your tire size to decide on what tire size you now want.

A smaller diameter tire will decrease the overall speed and increase the engine RPM. The increased RPM can put extra stress on UTV components, like engine, transmission, axles, etc. Larger diameter tires increase overall speed, decrease engine RPM, but can still stress certain components and may result in overheating your UTV’s engine. Taller tires increases ground clearance and drive over larger obstacles. Wider tires provide increased traction, but may diminish braking ability and stress the drivetrain, while narrow tires lessen the tread pattern contacting the ground, which is generally never preferred by riders. A wider, smaller tire could be a good option for providing better cornering and stability.

Tire Weight

A heavy tire would require more power to move it. If you want to drive your side by side at higher speeds, it is important to consider the weight of the tire. But don't compromise on the weight, if you are looking to trail down harsh, difficult tracks. Once in a while, you might come across a tire that will be large in size but weighs less. Otherwise, as a general rule, the larger the tire, the more it will weigh. The tire thickness, tread pattern, carcass design, and size are some other factors that contribute to the overall weight of the tire.

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern of your tire should be largely based on the type of terrains you traverse most frequently. If you trail down more frequently in a loose muddy, snowy, or soft terrains, a tread depth of 1-1.5 inches will be an efficient choice. Deep lugs with more than 1.5-inch depth go well only in extremely poor, soft conditions. For turf and general uses, a tread depth of less than 1-inch will do well. An aggressive, all-terrain tire will usually work best if you are going to see a mixed variety of terrains.


Price is one the biggest deciding factor in choosing the tire-type you end up purchasing for your UTV. The price of UTV tires generally depends on the size and construction. A budget tire may price around $30 to up to $150 for a specialized tire. The variety you can get in UTV tire selection is endless, so, it is better to make a budget you want to spend to buy a set of tires for your UTV, and then looks for brands offering in the similar price range. You can purchase tires from UTV dealers, an aftermarket distributor, or from the web.

UTV King has emerged as one of the most trustworthy online solution to cater all your UTV tire purchasing needs. Once you have considered all the variables involved in tire-buying decisions, explore our online store to make a selection from the myriad of options, based on your UTV model. From where you decide to purchase a tire is also an important decision you make in the process of making a good tire choice for your UTV.

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