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Five Simple Winter Maintenance Tips for Your UTV

Your Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) is nothing like an ordinary four-wheeler. It has been designed to conquer the harshest of the weathers and roughest of the trails for you, without succumbing to the involved intense stress. However, when the winter starts setting in, you will need to follow some simple winter maintenance tips to keep the performance of your UTV up to the mark.

1. Always warm up the engine before moving on

When left in the idle mode for a long time, the engine of your side by side is bound to get cold. Before you start moving the wheels, you should leave the engine running for some time to allow it to reach the normal operating temperature range. Doing so will rule out any possibility of excess fuel and moisture build-up inside the engine. You will not only get protected from any oil contamination, or a lubrication-related engine failure, but will also enjoy a smooth ride.

2. Make use of a gasoline stabilizer

Taking care of your machine only is not enough during freezing winters. The fuel that drives you, too need to be protected from getting frozen. With a gasoline stabilizer, you can keep the fuel in the lines in its original form. To avoid gelling of diesel, you should make use of a diesel fuel conditioner. Apart from using a fuel conditioner or stabilizer during cold weather, always opt for a winter blend (or "clear") fuel wherever available.

3. Follow this quick checklist

To get optimum performance from your UTV, always perform a regular check-up on the important mechanisms and components that make up your ride. For instance, the flush cooling system, which ensures that fluid is clean and has proper concentration of anti-freeze, should be checked before winter is about to begin. If you operate in snow, then a periodic checking of the air filter and PVT should be done to keep them clear of any snow dust particles. In case, you do not intend to use your off road vehicle for a long time during winter, it's better to remove the PVT belt. To keep the battery in top shape, use distilled water only for refilling. Going for a digital battery maintainer is also a wise choice. For proper operations of your foam type air filter, you need to clean it on regular intervals and apply foam filter oil on its elements. Make sure that you also change the engine oil, gear fluids, and break oil, etc. as per your UTV manufacturer's guidelines.

4. Keep your side by side clean

Never overlook the importance of basic cleaning of your rig. It is always advisable to keep your machine free of all the debris, mud, and sticks, throughout the year, which its wheels and undercarriage tend to gather on the trails. During the winter season, this basic cleaning should be augmented with regular inspection of the driveshafts and CV joints for snow and ice build-up, so that you don't experience a machinery failure in the middle of your off road ride.

5. Give your toy some winter month UTV accessories

For tackling heavy snow on the tracks, you must equip your off road vehicle with the right UTV accessories. These include heavy-duty snow plow systems, cab enclosures, snow tracks, skid plates, underbelly guards, and more. Snow plows can be installed in front as well as the rear. They help you to clear thick snow as well as deep mud easily, without needing you to even step out of your comfort zone. Cab enclosures and heaters will keep you and your passengers warm and cozy inside. Snow tracks will prevent you from getting stuck in the snow.

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