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Top Reasons Why You Need a Bumper for your UTV

Admit it or not, but the stock bumper that came with your UTV was something that could never win your trust whether for trail riding or for competition racing. You always feared if your stock bumper will give you the required protection to sustain the abuses of off-road riding. Well, you are not alone! Almost every UTV enthusiast who doesn't stop himself from riding rough trails and competition races undergoes these fears. For this, you need a bumper for your UTV.

Just like bumpers on a car or truck, front and rear UTV bumpers function as excellent means to protect you and your passengers. Not only protection, UTV bumpers also bring a touch of definite style to your side by side. But while choosing one for your UTV, make sure it is both lightweight and incredibly strong as you look for extra protection without adding unnecessary extra weight. So now, let's talk about why you need bumpers for your UTV in more detail.


You just cannot expect the same level of protection and performance from stock bumpers as you actually need for adventurous off-road riding and racing. Stock bumpers get easily banged, scratched, dented, or damaged if your UTV gets hit by another object even at low speed. And if you were driving at high pace (or on the wrong line on the trail), they can also get your crucial components, like front/back lights, radiator, fenders and others, totally damaged. The hard hits may also lead to serious injuries to you or your passengers. You certainly don't want that! To ensure your UTV undergoes minimum damage even against most unexpected collisions while ensuring safety of the driver and passengers, you need to cover it with smartly designed bumpers. A good bumper might not ensure that it will always come out looking like new but it will surely come out intact assuring the impact of any collision does not get passed on to the radiator or other components.


You cannot deny the fact that your UTV's appearance matters a lot to you. While you are about to make a decision on changing those ordinary-looking stock bumpers, you don't want your side by side's look to be hampered at any cost. Well, equip it with a sleekly styled bumper. In sharp contrast to stock bumpers, the new branded replacement bumpers will wonderfully compliment the aggressive looks of your UTV machine, and make you ride look even more awesome.

Capability to Add Additional Accessories

The front and rear bumpers also allow you to add accessories to your UTV for extra utility. There are bumpers that are specially intended for racing, snow plows, and hunting applications. Some are designed with built-in winch mount to aid you to come out when stuck in water or mud during adverse environmental conditions. The ability to add snow plow systems adds a great utility use to your vehicle. The EMP plow systems are among the best plow systems with features like a commercial grade automotive plow. Some bumpers also allow you to add additional lighting accessories, which can help you a great bit in a variety of bad weather conditions. The range of accessories you can add does not end here, the possibilities are endless, just like the number of UTV accessories. Plan on what you need the most to choose your pick!

UTV King offers an extensive range of UTV parts and accessories that fit all major side by sides. Whether you use your UTV for racing, recreation, or work, you can find the best-in-class bumpers here at our online store. We offer front and rear bumpers across a range of prices to fit your budget requirements.

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