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Be Prepared for Mud & Dirt Riding – Tips and Tricks

Riding a UTV in the mud is thrilling and a lot of fun. By following these smart tips and tricks, you can make sure that you get maximum out of your ride.

Getting the basics right

Regular inspection of your side by side before and after every mud ride can save you from unnecessary mental agony and expensive repairs. This checkup must cover the critical components like brakes, axles, a-arms and other suspension components in the undercarriage. By removing the accumulated dirt and dust, you can prolong the life of these parts and also ensure a smooth and secure ride for your passengers. Never forget to keep all the moving joints of your off road vehicle well-greased in order to keep water, mud, and other dirt particles out.

Get windshield protection

When you want to go blazing down the thick muddy trails, you got to have a windshield in the front as well as rear of your rig. Windshields block the entry of flying mud and other debris to keep the interiors clean and dry. They cut your cleaning job and also protect your face and clothes. Depending upon your preferences, you can make a choice between full, half and multi-functional windshields.

Go for a snorkel kit

If you need to regularly find your way out of deep mud, dirt, or water, then you should get a snorkel kit installed in your machine for protecting the engine. A snorkel kit raises the air intake above the water and protects the engine of your UTV from getting damaged by water or mud from the trails.

Buy a winch system

No matter how rugged your toy is, you never know when you are going to need some help to pull it out of a tight spot. A winch system can prove to be of great help in such scenarios. With the right winch in your side by side, you can also pull your buddies out of deep mud. Winch mounts can be installed in the front and rear both. Make sure to always keep the winch system clean in order to let it perform with full functionality.

Choose the right tires

Riding through mud-filled tracks requires the tires that have a strong grip. Simply getting your UTV fitted with big tires is not enough. They should also have the right tread pattern and rubber that can hold on to the slippery tracks securely. Mud tires come equipped with an aggressive tread design, which in not only wide but deep as well. Choice of the right mud tire would also depend upon the fact whether you are a hardcore mud rider or an occasional rider. Type of the track you travel and maximum load bearing capacity of your rig, are some of the other factors that will influence your decision of buying a tire.

A few driving tips

Maintaining a steady pace is the key to conquer long muddy stretches and deep potholes. As long as possible, avoid getting in to a situation where your wheels start spinning in the mud. Ride smart and try to follow the trail set by other drivers.

Some useful accessories

With mud comes water and dirt. For helping you to deal better with wet conditions, there are a number of side by side accessories available in the market today. These include mud seats, water-resistant waders and clothes, waterproof electrical equipment and more. Waterproof marine speakers and stereos are also highly recommended for muddy rides. Fender extensions are another helpful UTV accessory for minimizing the mud and water thrown back by the wheel. Not only they assist in keeping the underbelly of your off road vehicle cleaner, but also protect you and your passengers from flying mud and dirt.

You can count on UTV King for all your UTV parts and accessories requirements. We assure great quality with unmatched customer service.

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