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Everything You Need To Know About Buying UTV Windshields

UTV machines can serve you in a many different applications. From recreational use in sand dunes or trails to hunting and UTV racing challenges to work at the farm, UTVs are loved by adventurous, varied group of enthusiasts all over the world for their versatility. But to keep these enthusiasts going in any and all sorts of trail and weather conditions, it becomes very important to customize it with some useful accessories. A UTV windshield is one such accessory that no UTV rider would want to do without, especially when putting some serious miles on your machine. This rider-friendly upgrade is one of the most popular aftermarket accessories for UTVs, which is the reason why there is such a wide selection of UTV windshields available in the industry market today!

Why You Need a UTV Windshield?

Critical to continued fun and enjoyment of your UTV, there are two major reasons UTV owners need windshields:

  • Protect rider and passengers from weather elements, such as dust, debris, gravel, or rain
  • Cut down the wind blast and reduce fatigue
  • Secure you from flying bugs, and more
  • Give support to the UTV roof and preserve the UTV structure
Types of UTV Windshields

The options in UTV windshield types are many, and real task is to select a UTV windshield that works best for you.

Full Windshield: A full windshield provides maximum protection from weather elements and cold weather. It generally mounts to the roll cage using quick-connect clamps.

Full-Vented Windshield: Additional to the benefits of a full windshield, it has a sliding vent grill to provide additional airflow. The venting regulates air flow and back draft effect.

Full-Tilting Windshield: One of the most popular windshield for its versatility. It can be readily transformed to a full windshield, half windshield, or extended (full or half) windshield.

Half-Fixed Windshield: As the name implies, it covers only half front of the machine and allows maximum airflow while reducing back draft for less dust in the cab. It is a good pick for enhanced visibility in hard weather conditions.

Half-Folding Windshield: It has a convenient fold down, military-style design that allows rider to simply lower the top half of shield panel on a warm day and secure it into place for improved airflow.

Rear Windshield: It works as a great barrier for keep debris from entering the cab from the rear portion of the vehicle. It features a solid panel without venting, folding, or tilting preferences.

Things to Consider When Buying a UTV Windshield

Coverage: We have just discussed the amount of coverage or protection different types of UTV windshields provide. You can choose the type of windshield depending on factors, such as weather conditions, types of tracks, option of easy on/off, and others.

Material: The incredibly wide price range between different windshields is also due to the fact that it comes in various material choices. Options available include glass, acrylic, plexi-glass, Lexan polycarbonate. While glass is the most popular choice in the automotive industry for windshield for clean visibility and easy maintenance, it is rather expensive and a bit heavier than its counterparts. Acrylics, plexi-glass, and others are little inexpensive choices but have less impact-resistant and get easily scratched. Polycarbonate windshields possess superior impact resistance and high durability in high vibration applications. Also, it is lightweight and tough!

Mounting: UTV owners can go for "lock and ride" systems if looking for options that allow easy attachment and removal. The permanent options require attachment using additional tools.

UTV King is your one-stop destination for all your UTV windshield needs. You can find different types of UTV windshields, such as rear windshields, full windshields, and half windshields along with option of vented and tilted. Happy and Safe Riding!

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