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Protect the Undercarriage of Your UTV with Aftermarket Skid Plates and Guards

For those who love to put their UTV machine to test by riding through the most thrill seeking uneven trails, the protection of their machine is always at stake. Though UTV comes with a stock skid plate, but an upgrade to heavy-duty aftermarket skid plates and guards is highly recommended for the ultimate protection. Stock skid plate is vulnerable to damage and does not satisfactorily protect the underside of your UTV under moderate-to-intense off-road applications. Going out on intense trail riding or rock crawling can get it easily ruined or leave you with breaking something crucial in the process.

What are Aftermarket Skid Plates?

Skid plates are thick, tough metal plates that can be affixed to the bottom of vehicles for protection during off-road driving. A quality aftermarket skid plate is designed to resist abrasion and absorb shocks from uneven terrains to keep the underside of the vehicle protected. It protects the frame and drivetrain when you drive over rocks and crest over peaks that can make your UTV stuck on high center. Not only a heavy-duty skid plate will protect your UTV from terrain obstacles, it is much quieter than stock skid plates as well.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Skid Plate

A few important considerations to take into account would include:

Overall Durability & Weight: Skid plates are available in a variety of metal constructions, ranging from stainless steel, aluminum, heavy-grade steel, and specialty alloys. Lightweight skid plates, like that of aluminum or stainless steel, do not add up additional weight to the machine and ensure its fuel efficiency is not compromised. On the other hand, a heavy skid plate reduces fuel efficiency but provides enhanced protection for more intense off-road operations.

Area Protection: The choice of skid plates for UTVs is also made based on underside area coverage. Some skid plates are designed to protect high-risk underbody areas like the oil pan and gas tank, others, which deal with serious off-roading applications, are designed to focus on differential assembly or suspension for complete protection of the undercarriage.

Ease of Cleaning & Removal: Some skid plates are intended to be easier to remove to support quick repairs or servicing. However, the skid plates are also designed with strategically placed drain holes that aid in washing out the dirt and debris using power washers. Pressure hoses allow you to easily clean the undercarriage of your UTV, even those hard-to-reach places, without requiring you to remove your skids or guards for cleaning.

Keeping your UTV protected and safe just got a whole lot easier! UTV King stocks an extensive range of skid plates and guards from the ultimate protection of the undercarriage of your UTV. We offer specialized skid plates with a unique profile and footprint for a wide range of UTV brands and models that fit perfectly to the underside of your vehicle to provide effective protection. Some of the most trusted brands that we deal with, include EMP, Pro Armor, and Super ATV. Explore the website to find the best quality UTV parts and accessories for your UTV model today!

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