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Why choose a Lexan UTV Windshield?

UTV riding is always fun and exciting but things can easily turn dangerous or deadly if you lack proper safety. UTV windshields have been seen as an important safety accessory, which performs key functions well beyond protecting the driver and passengers from the elements. They do much more than just keeping bugs from hitting your face. A windshield helps in supporting the roof, thus preserving the overall structural integrity of your machine.

Looking at the choices – full, half, tilting, folding, vented, flexible – you need to decide on which style is best for you. But it is equally important to choose the material of the UTV windshield with many options available, including acrylic, plexi-glass, actual glass, or Lexan. Each type of material has its own set of pros and cons, but today, let us focus on why Lexan is the material of choice for UTV windshield applications.


Lexan is a transparent plastic (polycarbonate) with highest impact strength of any transparent glazing product. A standout feature of a Lexan windshield is how strong it is. When riding amid the harsh elements, it is very crucial to look for strength in your windshield. Lexan is almost 250 times stronger than glass and 30 times that of acrylic. Lexan polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, and thus finds application in the likes of bulletproof windows and enclosures, compact disks, and more. A Lexan windshield is very strong and almost as transparent as glass!


While glass is the most popular choice in the automotive industry for its easy maintenance and cleanest vision, it rates high on weight. Lexan offers a substantial weight savings over the use of ordinary glass. For example, a 1/4-inch thick square foot of Lexan weighs 1.56 lbs. when compared to 3.2 lbs. of actual glass. A Lexan polycarbonate windshield will help you cut off the extra weight from your UTV while increasing your maneuverability. The unbeatable strength combined with lightweight makes Lexan a versatile choice for UTV windshields.


A glaring windshield can hamper your UTV riding fun on a bright, sunny day. Commonly used materials for windshields, like acrylic, can result into unwanted glare in bright sunlight. A Lexan surface is less shiny and thus fit for anti-glare applications. Lexan polycarbonate windshields possess great clarity and visibility – the two indispensable pillars for safe UTV riding experience.


Lexan windshields are extremely durable and have a proven track record of providing excellent durability in high vibration applications. This makes Lexan the most preferred choice for the UTV racing. Flexible yet shatterproof, a Lexan windshield would last for years, much longer than common materials like acrylic or glass. Windshields made from Lexan might get scratches, dents, or gets embedded with debris – but it will not shatter. That's the beauty of this superior material.

It is critical to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each material when choosing your UTV windshield material. UTV King brings a wide assortment of Lexan UTV windshields for those who take riding seriously. You can also choose from our extensive range of UTV parts and accessories to make every UTV riding experience fun, memorable, and safe.

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