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Polaris Ranger EZ Steer Power Steering Kit

Product ID: PS-P-RAN400

$ 599.95

You know how well that Polaris Ranger works for you. You can do the same for your Ranger so that your job’s easier when you install the Super ATV EZ-Steer Power Steering Kit. These kits have been developed thinking of you so that your Ranger’s able to tackle the tightest, toughest terrain.

This EZ-Steer power steering kit’s the best and most advanced kit you can find. Created to give you a better ride, it reduces your steering effort drastically to let you have more enjoyable, longer rides. Together with this enhanced steering, the power steering is going to virtually eliminate the problem of bump steer. This means you’ll have a more consistent and smoother ride.

Unlike the other kits available, EZ-Steer comes with sealed output and input shaft and its Control Box has a seal that is injected molded, so that you’re guaranteed a kit that is 100% watertight. This means you’re able to pressure wash it, use a hose, or even submerge it in water. The circuit board is sealed and it will keep you going.

Each of the EZ-Steer designs have endured rigorous testing so that it has the highest level of customer satisfaction available. Go through the technical terrain and rocks with a lot more control. Power through the uneven terrain and don’t have to worry about wheel jerks. Dominate mud holes and exit easily.


  • Reduces Steering Effort
  • Eliminates Bump Steer
  • Compact Control Box For Easier Mounting And Installation
  • NO Soldering Required For EZ-Steer Wiring
  • Sealed Input and Output Shafts
  • Watertight Control Box And Connectors

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